Hi all,

I’m Tammra. I am from Australia but have been travelling around for the most part of the last two years. I can’t seem to keep my feet still in one place for too long before I am off again. I have been to 12 different countries now and I just don’t think I will ever really be done with discoimg_3263vering new things.

I was an au pair, living in and travelling around Italy for a year and before that done some bits and pieces of travelling on my own, whether it be for holiday or mission trip.

Now I am just about to finish up living in the UK for 7 months and heading back home but that doesn’t mean I am done with travelling and discovery, oh no.

I decided to start this whole blog to share experiences and tips and get whatever is going on inside me, out there. I’m excited to start this new chapter here and hopefully you guys will like it.