Getting through the Post International Roamer blues.

I don’t know about you. I don’t know if after a couple of years of travelling and getting immersed in different cultures and countries to come back to what you left behind was easy to fit right back into old friend groups, routines, jobs etc or whether it was hard. 

Some of us I’m sure quite happily keep the same friends they left behind (and if that’s the case then you have a good bunch of friends that are absolute keepers) qbut for some of us it’s quite different. 

In the two years I was away I experienced many different things, not only culture and other countries but learnt about other human behaviours and views and lives. Although I learnt so very much and loved every minute of it, it did make coming back a lot harder than expected. I came back with new views and new ways of thinking and to hold some old friendships in that, I found to be quite difficult. Life kept moving while I was away and in that time some of us moved in different directions in life and that’s totally fine. It’s life right. So in that I’ve had to learn to be by myself for a while (not easy) and to hold dear and really appreciate and hold onto those friendships I did/do have. These friendships, but a handful, are my lifies. I know I’ll have them forever. 

Something else that I found hard was slowing down my pace, I came home and for a good few months before I started full time work, I felt useless, it was actually heartbreaking that I wasn’t still doing this travelling thing but I knew I had to stop (we all have our reasons)

There were two things that made it hard..

  • The slow down (you stop constantly getting on a plane and going somewhere new and making new memories out of new adventures)

Which led to 

  • Lonliness (everyone at home has a life, they are working or whatever else and don’t have the time to be so adventurous) 

I’m writing this in hope that maybe I can comfort someone going through a hard time coming out of the travel travel travel life style, you’re not the only one, many of us if not all of us will struggle in one way or another when we decide it’s time to stop. 

In saying that, I will clear up on a personal level that although I am not living overseas any more, I will still travel, just not the same way as I used to. 

I will say this one last thing, give it time, I feel like I’m slowly only just getting out of my funk now. With a full time job and exciting things in the future to keep me focused I feel like I am more on solid ground.

So when you come home, keep dreaming and do what makes you excited and find adventure in your home town because that in itself will help you out of that post international life blues. It has helped me. 

Below are some pictures after I came home and finally finding my good funk.\/

To you who feel what I’m saying xxx


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