Only now I can say ” I have seen snow FALL”

Those Swiss mountains. Aren’t they just the most beautifully magical thing when it has snowed. I remember it like it was yesterday. Growing up in Australia it clearly never gets too cold and you clearly can’t get that close to the sky!

Don’t get me wrong, at 25 years old, I had seen snow, but I just don’t think it counts. It was Year 7 camp. We went to Thredbo and sled down a slope. It was snow that felt like a snow cone. I remember thinking at the time that it was pretty “lame”, but I had not a clue what was coming for me.

I had no idea I would care for travel as much as I do and I had NO idea I would end up in any kind of mountain, let alone the Swiss ones nor that I would ever see snow fall from the sky.

I was au pairing in Italy and it was getting pretty cold. My friends and I had met a group of people that looked like they lived for the season and it followed with a sudden reaction in me which made me want to go up those mountains too…I absolutely needed to!

Time to get the rusty ski’s out (HA, I’m hilarious, never been on ski’s in my life) So my friends and I rented a car and followed these people up the mountain to a place called Breuil-Cervinia. This skiing/snowboarding area crosses between Italy and Switzerland. The higher you go, you will go into Switzerland and ski/board down into Italy. Pretty incredible I think.

When we got there, the girls and I rented ski gear and up the mountain we went. We met our new friends up the top. Before we went right on up a friend of mine asked me if I had ever skied before, my answer (obviously) no, to which he said that usually he’d recommend I take a lesson but we knew a guy that was kind of training to train so he tought me a couple of things (snow plough and all that). Then up the mountain we went and weirdly I was not nervous, just pumping with adrenaline and excitement.

I went slow…oh did I go slow down that mountain, but I got to the bottom with a couple of falls by my side which ended in some laughs (mostly in how hard it is just to get up on those skis after falling down. I swear I used muscles I never knew I had).
Second time up the mountain and pretty proud I hadn’t yet seriously injured myself, I felt something on my face.  It was snowing, the sheer excitement and adrenaline that was already pumping through my body was immediately heightened!

I had never seen snow fall from the sky, and now was the time.


It was magical. I literally yelled at my friends


while sticking my tongue out to catch it and yelling at them to do the same thing. Embarrassing myself didn’t even matter to me in this moment.

They looked at me with flat faces, in this moment I was very confused. Why were they not excited, or happy, or anything, then I realised.

My friends were from Denmark and Germany. Two people who were not surprised by snowfall.

Of course I looked like a complete idiot but they laughed at me, one of them saying to me “You know the snow is just water” which made me laugh !

We spent the rest of the day going up and down the mountain till it all ended with my friend having a fall which required us to get her down to a hospital. Thankfully nothing major!

I will also add this, that (another never..but) I never expected to be in such awe of how big these mountains were to me. You stand there and look at where you are and you feel like an ant. I believe in God and all but after seeing such an amazing sight, I believe in Him now more than ever!

To commemorate the whole experience and to remind myself of all the feelings I felt that day I got a little tattoo.




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