All the Bad but Good Eats.

Food is an important part of everyone’s day-to-day life. Food can be our best friend and our worst nightmare. We put ourselves on diets and we try to eat healthy and that’s life isn’t it.

Well I am not here to share things with you that is healthy or recommended to diet on to be honest.

I am going to tell you about all the foods I’ve so lovingly indulged in while travelling! I can’t say I didn’t gain weight from it but I will tell you now, I made myself a deal before I left the country that where ever I went I would not worry too much about what I ate. If I am going to enjoy a country, I also have to enjoy their food right?

First off:  Berlin, Germany!

I wasn’t here for too long so probably did more exploring than eating but what I did eat was this…

img_3330Currywurst. I got this baby at a food market that popped up around the Alexander Platz area but I am sure that where ever you find a food market you’ll find some kind of wurst. What is it about their sausages. Just so yum!


Next stop:  Prague, Czech Republic

  1. Tredlnik. A pastry dough rolled up and cooked over hot coals. Throughout Prague you will see small stalls selling them everywhere. Be sure to get them fresh!
  2.  Not so traditional BUT this is a delicious cake we found in the deserts cabinet of a restaurant called Cafe Cafe (Rytirska 10, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic) There are also a trillion other deserts you can get there that are too yum and the food there is devine.
  3.  Goulash! Traditional? yes! Have a beer with it too! Got to have something to wash it down with right..and the Germans are big on their beer. You can get this at most restaurants also.
  4. Pork Knuckle! Get your teeth into this one. We had this at a restaurant called LaScala, situated just behind the Church of Our Lady before Tyn.


London, England

  1. Go to Camden Town! Please, do yourself a favour. It is such a cool market with such a diverse range of things to buy from jewellery to music to… you guessed it…food! Food Carts even! This was a Nutella crepe with all the fruit I wanted…banana and strawberry, thanks. Also creme.
  2. Ahhhh the Cronut. The delicious mix of donuts and croissants. Add ice cream and BAM your world is seriously complete. Get this baby from the Box Park in Shoreditch ..which brings me to my next really bad and really good meal… 
  3. The Waffle Cone. At Nosteagia in Shoreditch also, not far from the Box Park you will find this desert (It’s a meal, seriously) You can pretty much mix and match whatever fruit/creme or ice cream/sauce that you want and go for your life!

And last but not least in St Albans you have WAFFLES! All the yum Waffles you can eat, also normal food, but WAFFLES! Just saying. I need say no more but give you the address. 


1. Photo does not do this ice cream justice. I really do apologise. I had already eaten some. This is some serious real Italian ice cream and it makes me so happy I simply have to eat it every time I go and visit. The shop is called Romana. I only ever had it while I was in Varese but there are other places in Italy you can get this ice cream from heaven.

2 & 3. Cioccolati Italiani, Varese (again, also found elsewhere around Italy) The particular one I go to is at this address (Via Antonio Griffi, 6, 21100 Varese VA, Italy)
The variety of melted chocolate you can get here is just devine. I can’t express just how much. Myself and my friends went there for our catch ups every week without a doubt. Who doesn’t need a chocolate fix.

4 & 5. Pavè. This is one cafe in Milan you must visit. A great vibe, lovely staff and food to die for, also coffee is on point. Just go there and see and experience for yourself. It was one of my favourite places in Milan.      Via Felice Casati, 27, 20124 Milano, Italy


Enjoy life friends and be grateful xx


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