Czech Republic | Czech out Prague

Not in Russia, as my mother thought it was..funny lady, we are all a bit geographically challenged at times though right?

When I touched down in Prague I was surprised at just how beautiful it was. Also cheap! I think I spent half the money I exchanged to take with me and I didn’t even take a lot.

I don’t know about you but I felt that Prague had a bit of a Parisian look to it. The buildings are just beautiful and you know what I loved the most? The alleyways, full of hustle and bustle, the shopping and delicious food, the crowds of people. It is so easy to get lost and there is nothing better. You are never lost for too long though. You find you come right back to somewhere familiar in no time at all. img_3568

The second night we were there, my friend and I wanted to get into the nightlife of the city so we found a Jazz & Blues Club  (Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt) where they hosted bands which will entertain you all night with their tunes. There was a point where the lead in fact got us on stage for a dance. Their music was great and we drank a whole bottle of wine, ate food and enjoyed the atmosphere of this small underground venue.



The following day we got our tourist on and visited Prague Castle, Tyn Gothic Church (just around the corner from the Jazz & Blues Club in fact), John Lennon wall, the Dancing House, Charles Bridge, Prague Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter and markets (everywhere) It was all in a days stroll really. Who doesn’t love walking around getting lost in a different city. I loved it.
Now FOOD. This particular scrumptiousness is too good not to have.
The Trdelnik
There are just too many ways to eat it. On its own it is essentially a sweet pastry of dough rolled up and cooked over hot coals with sugar all over it. Get adventurous why don’t you and cream fill it OR nutella fill it OR get the cone version and they do it with ICE CREAM! Stop it! I know! It was just too much (or just enough). When I’m travelling there is no time for a diet. Eat my way through the world, why not!

Ready your stomachs for this trip people. I ate so much I felt sick but it was so worth it!


  • Trdelnik || My one piece of advice when getting into this delicious treat, get it from a stall that makes them fresh where you can see them being made, that way you are assured to get them nice and warm!
    And if the line is long, there is bound to be another stall with a shorter line just around the corner!
  • Get into the Pork Knuckle & also the Goulash.
  • Bell Tower up in Prague castle area has the most beautiful 360 ° view of the city from 250 circling stairs up.
  • Every hour on the hour there is a little show at the astronomical clock, so if you see quite the crowd forming around the clock and are a little confused as to why (like we were) that’s why.
  • Horse and Carriage ride || For 500 CZK you’ll get a 20 minute ride around the town and Jewish Quarter and I loved it to be fair.
  • Underground Tours are worth going on. Very interesting facts about what happened in Prague and not that long ago either.
  • Eat at Cafe Cafe (Rytirska 10, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic) Great place to eat! I am telling you!Now sink your teeth in and enjoy!



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