Check Out Berlin


Berlin was my first stop on my recent two-week voyage between 4 countries. It’s so worth going to check out. It was really amazing and the history there is just incredible.

For travel purposes I must say I was happily calm throughout the whole trip. Transportation is made simple and easy and very straight forward.

My friend and I stayed in a hotel called Moxy during our time in Berlin. We needed to get the train to Ostbahnhof (which was just a 5 mins walk across the road to our hotel). The train there from Berlin Schonefeld Airport to Ostbahnhof only took 15 mins and signs to the train station from the airport were clearly marked and just a small walk away.


Now I will gloat about our incredible accommodation and tell you all that when staying in Berlin (or any other country where this hotel is situated) you just have to stay at Moxy. This hotel is very new and affordable!!! It only opened up a week before we arrived in October 2016.
The staff are all super friendly, there is a 24 hr bar, their cutlery and plates, bowls and cups are all there for your use at any time, the common area is created with a really chilled vibe with a large table area where you can buy food from the outside and bring it in and eat it at their tables with other guests (They also have a dinner meal and snacks available) The community feel that they have created in the common area literally blew my socks off.

They have small games situated around the whole of the common area with a foosball table, chess, Jenga and adult colouring books that come out at night along with coloured pencils and sharpeners!

When you check-in there is a silly kids games (stop it, we all love them) and if you win against the staff member you get a free cocktail (I lost).

This website will take you straight to the Moxy website. Check it out.

The photos will prove to you, this place is groovy!

First step is to get a map which was supplied by our accommodation. Tick Tick

Once I get a map, I literally circle everything I want to see and then off I go.
From where I was it made a lot of sense to start at the East Side Gallery.

In my humble opinion, these were a must see (I’m not much of a museum girl so can’t expect to find museums on here)

The Berlin wall/ East Side Gallery 

Berlin Bear (For amateurs like myself who don’t know why there are bears all over the town, It’s part of the coat of arms the Berlin has. In 1380 there was a fire destroying the documents to answer why the bear was significant but there are theories floating about)

Brandenburg Gate stands now as a sign of unity and peace. This site has been here for a long time and stood right beside the Berlin Wall.

Memorial of the Murdered Jews is crazy incredible to walk through and look at. Free of charge you can walk through and take everything in. This memorial has been open to the public since 2005 and stands to remind us of the millions of Jews who died throughout the holocaust.

Checkpoint Charlie. During the cold war Checkpoint Charlie was the checkpoint or crossing point in which people used to get from East to West Berlin. Cool to see it still there. Just across the road from Checkpoint Charlie is an exhibition called THE WALL panorama which is very worth going to see, for 10 EUR, you walk in and there is photographs on the walls with descriptions below and a massive panorama of the Berlin Wall. Like I said, worth it.

and last but not least, maybe my most favourite thing because I love photographs is the Photoautomat. It’s a photobooth guys! They are situated all over Berlin and snap your photos in strips like any good old photo booth, but what is cool is that they are just like the photo booths from back before the 1960s. These beaut photographs should stay good for 100 YEARS people!


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