-Why I Travel-

I travel to feel something more than the hustle and bustle of life, something more than opinions that come from us (including myself) who have not seen and experienced life through someone else’s eyes.

I travel to find myself and to experience life outside of the bubble of home. When I say bubble, I am talking about the day-to-day life of work, home, bed and getting up the next day and doing it all over again, I am talking about the beautifully wonderful people in my life and not that these people make me want to leave at all, they are in fact the people I love but it is just so wonderful to go out into the world and discover, meet and form friendships and relationships with people from so many different cultures and ways of life. People in fact, that, if I were to stay in my little bubble of home and I met these people, who is to say we would have become friends, who’s to say we would have the things in common that we would if we all didn’t step out a bit.

We get along with people or we don’t sometimes and in the uncomfortable situations I put myself in whilst travelling I was forced in a way to meet these most extravagant people and when put in this completely different situation I was able to connect with these people on another level and find similarities between us. These people whom now I consider some of my greatest friends, people who have, in their own ways, taught me new things about myself and I thank them for letting me be exactly who I am with no judgement, for loving me for my weird, my annoying and my quirky.

Travelling has become a part of my life. Every time I go somewhere new, I learn something different, about life, about myself, about God. I want to always be positioning myself to open up, to help people and to love people.
Which leaves me to my next question, as I leave England, to return home…

What is my next goal?
Where am I going? Who will I meet? What new adventures shall we go on?

I hope I don’t get too used to the normal hustle and bustle and I pray that I am constantly learning about people and never forgetting every amazing experience I have got to live out in my life so far.

Throughout my blog I will be sharing my experiences and my tips. I’ve travelled to America with a travelling company to help me out, I have au paired and lived in Italy for a year and lived in England as well. I’ve travelled now to 12 different countries. 

Stay with me and I’ll give you my experiences and tips.



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